Joshua Jessel

Title: Assistant Professor
Area: Behavior Analysis
PhD: Western New England University
Office: 130 Queens Hall
Office Phone: 718-997-3395
Lab: 130 Queens Hall
Lab Phone: 718-997-3395

Research Description

My current research interests involve (a) developing safe and efficient methods of assessing problem behavior of those diagnosed with autism and other related developmental disorders and (b) evaluating different function-based treatments informed by those assessments. The assessment and treatment process is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. In addition, my translational research in the human-operant laboratory is designed to analyze basic behavioral processes to improve behavioral concerns of social significance.

Selected Publications

  1. Jessel, J., Rosenthal, D., Hanley, G. P., Gary, L., Boucher, M. B., Howard, M., Perrin, J., Lemos, F. M. (2021). On the occurrence of dangerous problem behavior during functional analysis: An evaluation of 30 applications. Behavior Modification. Advanced Online Publication.
  2. Iannaccone, J., & Jessel, J. (2021). A translational comparison of contingency-based progressive delay procedures and their effects on contextually appropriate behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 54(1), 231-247.
  3. Jessel, J., Ma, S., Spartinos, J. & Villanueva, A. (2020). Transitions from rich to lean reinforcement as a form of error correction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 53, 2108-2125.
  4. Jessel J., Ingvarsson, E. T., Kirk, H., Whipple, R., & Metras, R. (2018). Achieving Socially Significant Reductions in Problem Behavior following the Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis: A Summary of 25 Outpatient Applications. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 51, 130-157.