General Masters

Mission & Goals

The General MA Program in Psychology is a liberal arts program that has a mission intended to give broad training at a graduate level in a variety of areas of Psychology beyond that received in an undergraduate program. Many MA programs and perhaps all doctoral programs require students to limit their training to one or two primary areas of interest. The General MA program requires students to study a variety of areas. The core of the program is three required courses: History of Psychology (Psychology 700), Statistics (Psychology 705), and Experimental Psychology (Psychology 701). Elective courses must include at least one course from 2 Topic Areas (described below). The remaining electives can include more courses from these lists or any 700 level Psychology course.


The Psychology Department has implemented the following Learning Goals for General Master’s Degree Psychology Majors:

  1. Master several areas of Psychology at a graduate level
  2. Integrate and communicate information about Psychology at a graduate level through written papers and oral presentations in courses

This program is intended for students who:

  • Want to explore their interests further or expand their backgrounds in Psychology;
  • Want to learn more about the area of mental health (but without seeking the field placements and special course work offered in the CBA program); and/or
  • See themselves en route to Doctoral study, with the goal of pursuing careers as independent researchers, particularly in the areas of neuropsychology, learning processes, or experimentalpsychology.