Psychology Major

Minimum credits

Your major must include a minimum of 36 credits in Psychology courses, at least half of which must be taken at Queens College.

Minimum grades

Psychology majors need a minimum grade of C in Psych 101, 107.3 &107.1, 213W, and 311-321 (the Advanced Experimental courses), even if the courses were transferred to QC.  All remaining Psych electives require a grade of C- or better.  Students cannot P/NC any courses in their major/minor. If students P/NC a psych course it can not count toward the 36 credits for the psych major or the 18 credits for the psych minor.

Retake policy

PSYCH 107.1, 107.3 and 213W may only be retaken one time, that is, students can take each class a total of two times.  W grades count as a taking of these courses. Students who enroll in one of these classes more than the maximum of two times will be dropped. This policy applies to majors and non-majors. If the grades earned by psychology majors in the two takings of each of these courses do not meet the requirements of the major, the student must drop the major since these courses are pre-requisites for other courses required for the major.

Residency requirements

At least half (18) of the required credits toward the major (including the Advanced Experimental course) must be taken at Queens College.

Transfer students

These students are strongly advised to have their credits evaluated by a faculty advisor as soon as possible after they first matriculate.  Click here for more information.


Students should schedule an appointment for an advisement session for more personalized guidance on major requirements and course selection as well as to declare Psychology as your Major or Minor.